Reed Richards and the Future Foundation: Transhumanism in Popular Culture (Part 1)

Hello once again from your friendly neighbour, the ComicBook Imperative Guy. My new post is one of the reasons why I wanted to create this blog. This was the first connection between comicbooks and philosophy that I was passionate about. As I point out in the title of this entry, this is only the first [...]


A World in Ruins

If the world you know is one of Marvels, where men without fear face horror unarmed, and women in flight ride the upper reaches of the weather then, only a misstep or a stopped heartbeat away, is a world of Ruins. -Warren Ellis, Ruins  It's the dawn of a new day (and quite possibly a [...]

Moon Knight: Identity & Perception of Reality

Moon Knight has been a comicbook that I only found out about recently. I knew Moon Knight as a character of course, but I never really read any of his stories. And yet, through a twist of fate you might say, I read the new run from Jeff Lemire and art by Greg Smallwood and I was [...]