Re-inventing Prometheus

Dear readers of The ComicBook Imperative, hello! I am really glad to share with all of you some really great news. Fans of The ComicBook Imperative know that a few months ago I had the opportunity to discuss with an amazing writer and independent comicbook creator, Ryan Little, about his latest work, Lonesomes. I know that you loved Lonesomes as much as I did and the Kickstarter campaign was an absolute hit!

Now, Ryan is coming back with his new work, a completely different work in tone, style and feeling. The name of this work is Prometheus and is a new take and a continuation of the original ancient greek myth. Prometheus is an excellent noir/fantasy take on the myth and it expands it in a really interesting way.  The premise of Prometheus is about the Titan that stole the fire of knowledge from the Ancient Greek Gods and gave it to the mortals. This is how the ancient Greeks explained the jumpstart of the civilisation with the discovery of fire. Prometheus‘ hubris against the Gods could not go unpunished. Prometheus was brutally punished by the Gods. Little expands the story bringing Prometheus to the 21st century escaping his everlasting prison. He now has to familiarise himself with a new world that he doesn’t know, come face to face with the Gods that held him captive and find out that the fire of knowledge was stolen. He will embark on a great adventure that I know that I want to follow.

Ryan, in this first chapter of the story, was able to successfully use the material of the original myth and build on it in a really interesting way. Pop culture, the ongoing wars and the financial crisis in different parts of the world set an intriguing and fun premise for Prometheus to explore.  The tone and the sketching style is truly complementary of the story and I urge you to check it out!

Follow the link for the Kickstarter campaign, here: Prometheus.
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The ComicBook Imperative Guy

FullSizeRender 8
The cover of the 1st issue of Prometheus.

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